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  • Aesthetic dentistry
The function of your dentice (eventually its treatment) is fundamental to us and our priority. We like everything functioning, and that is what we will allways aim for. In many cases, beautifully looking teeth might be your priority, so that you do not have to worry about them – not only that they would not remind you of themselves by pain or bad functionality, but so that you do not have to be ashamed to smile and talk. It is wonderful, that we live in time, when you do not have to choose between functionality and aesthetics. Modern procedures and materials allow, in most cases, aestheticaly perfect solution to teeth and dentice imperfections. That is why we can offer "invisible" white composite fillings, full-ceramic and metal-ceramic crowns, which are indistinguishable from healthy teeth, dentures with ceramic teeth, which are adhered to teeth by retentive appliances hidden in denture. For patients that are not satisfied with aestheticaly perfect reconstruction of original dentice – we can help to the nature a little bit: we can light up your smile with home whitening.

  • White composite fillings
We are using the most modern materials from reputable producers for teeth restoration. We dedicate enough time to our work to comply with particular technological procedure, which ensures proper function for long time.

  • Whitening
At-home whitening – patient applies agent with milder effect at home by himself with the help of tray that is made individually in the laboratory.

  • Prosthodontics
Larger teeth defects, eventually completely missing teeth, are delt with unique CEREC system or in cooperation with experienced lab technicians in universally equipped dental laboratory. We propose to each client more solutions in different levels of aesthetic perfection, user comfort and price level. We are able to produce restorations of the highest level – all-ceramic crowns, inlays, onlays, dentures.

  • Dental hygiene
The most common teeth disorders, tooth decay and periodontitis are caused by plaque (teeth coating formed mainly by food remains, bacteria and its products) – if we remove plaque from teeth perfectly, inception of tooth decay is eliminated and is very unlikely to become ill with periodontitis. We see our main task in teaching you how to correctly take care of your teeth, and we want to pay maximum attention to that. Apart from providing you with enough information, we will make cleaning of your teeth easier for you by regular removal of tartar with ultrasound scaler (in case of need with use of abrasion spoons). We will train the proper cleaning technique on models, we will reccommend suitable aids for detal hygiene, some of them you can purchase in our office at advantageous prices.

  • Anaesthetics
With treatments which could be unpleasant we automaticaly offer local anaesthetics. We use anaesthetics of sufficient strenght and effect duration. Its use is possible with most of patients, even with children and pregnant women. There is no reason to be afraid of pain, since it is important for us as well to have patients at ease. It allows us to concentrate fully on our work and accomplish everything as necessary.

  • Technology
Our office is equipped with intraoral x-ray enabling perfect x-ray photographs with low radiation dose. Another reduction of radiation dose is guaranteed with digital x-ray picture sensor – RVG. Besides this advantage digital technology brings many more. Probably most important for the patient is the fact that pictures are available immediatelly, which shortens treatment time. Usage of high-tech precise equipment improves the accuracy of diagnostics, dramatically shortens time required for treatment and reduces number of necessary visits.